Monday, 10 June 2013

Seoul Garden~

a restaurant name at Yayasan Food Court, which offer Korean Delicacies. :)

i found out this restaurant as Zzul bring me there, to try out the foods.

we are actually on hunt, searching for nyummy and affordable Korean foods, here in Brunei. :)

Steam Dumplings. nyummy. around BND 7.00 ~ 9.00

Deobokki. BND 7.00 and above. *i cant recall the price*


inside the dumpling. :9

Jajangmyun! quite nyummy! :9 BND7 and above. ;p

the side dishes and my hand on the right above side. :p
overall, i quite like the foods at Seoul Garden, even tho they might not be my favorite. like.. i love some of them, i dislike others. but you should try the foods there, just because my opinion might differs with yours. :) who knows, you love the foods there? tehehee. ;)

p/s : sorry, i can't remember all the prices of the foods correctly because.. i misplaced the receipts and i think it was my boyfriend that paid the bill. so yeah. sorry yea.

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

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