Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lucky Day~ Missha = LOVE


my post title sounds so cheesy and i d. :p 

but seriously, 10/5/2013,  was one of my lucky / awesome day! :D

so, i went to Missha that day to purchase stuffs that i wish to have since.. forever. :p

actually, not since forever, but since Missha introduced the products here in Brunei. =3

here is what i got~~~ :D <333



i am so happy to have all of these~ i am a happy bunny~~~

Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail. i tried the samples, and i love it!

inside that box.. :) this Special Gift Set cost around BND322 or around that amount, if i am not mistaken. :


i also took pictures of the mini / travel set. so cuteee!

next, i also purchased Missha Professional Special Brush Set!

 i am sorry, i have to post a lot of photos because i simply love all these stuffs too much. hohooo.

the brushes! <3

this is like.. my first brush set ever and even i haven't try them.. i love them so much already. :p


and below are the gifts that i received~ :D

Missha Travel Bag / Pouch

it come with different sizes~

and, i am so so lucky to get the gifts below. :'D

Spend more than BND300 in a month and you will receive these babies below.. but then, these gifts only come in limited quantity..

how can i not be happy when i received these? :'D

Missha Signature Makeup Set For VIP.  worth BND 300+ *screams*

hello, Missha Signatures~

another view~

Missha Signature Dramatic Base Boomer. you girls know how much i love the foundation right? >.< and i was planning to buy these boomer just because they made all the difference.
Missha Signature Dramatic Foundation~

i love this foundation! for the curious girls, just click the link below as i already post a review on this foundation.

Missha Dramatic Foundation Review

Missha Dramatic Two Way Pact. i have this and always use this to set my foundation and sometime i use this on its own. :)

Signature Glam Art Rouge Lipstick

The shade is in SPK101

Signature Velvet Eyeshadow

love it! :D

i was so glad that all the stuff in the VIP Makeup Shade is in Natural Shade. since i am still a beginner, i do not dare to try eyeshadow that are bright or anything that is not in natural shades on my eyes. :/ i prefer anything that is natural. tehehee.

another sample perfume~ i actually bought this one already~ :p Stay Beside Me. :)

and these three samples for me to try on~

before i end this happy post, let me introduce some photo of me, yes me again with two lovely ladies from Missha. :D

Mar, me and the Manager. <3

loves! thank you for the awesome service~

i always love their staffs; they are always so friendly and one thing i love about them, they did not push me too buy their products. if they think some of the products are good for my type of skin, they usually give me the samples to try, and it is up to me whether i want to purchase the products after trying the samples. 

awesome right? =3

once again, THANK YOU, MISSHA! ❤ ❤ ❤


p/s : i will do the products reviews in the future~ *wink wink*

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

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