Sunday, 19 May 2013

ETUDE HOUSE - Etoinette Be My Love Crystal Shine Lips Set

hello ladies~

few weeks ago, Etude House held the Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Set giveaway and anyone can simply enter the giveaway by these simple steps;

1) Like Etude House Brunei Page!
2) Share this page to your page!
3) Tag five of your friends!
Then you will have the chance to win this gift!
3 LUCKY WINNERS will be chosen!

Period: 1st of May 2013 - 7th of May 2013. bytheway, the giveaway is closed already, just saying. :p

so yeah, i do those simple steps but honestly, i did not think i will win or anything like that. it was simply for fun. ohh, and because one of my girlfriend, Nisnis a.k.a the littleredviola tagged me. :p

on the 8th May, a day after the giveaway period ended, my cousin whatsapp-ed me and she inform me that i won that giveaway!

i was like.. seriously babe?

so i checked Etude House Fan Page, and yes, i am one of the lucky winner! 


oh.. one funny fact; if i won something, i always always PM the owner / fan page just to reconfirm that am i the right "Mei Ling" that won the giveaway and stuff like that. :p this is because there are too many "Mei Ling"; and i don't want to be overly excited and only to know that i am not the winner. :p


here is the Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Set!

the packaging is so princessy! :D 

another view of the packaging. :)

tadaaa! inside the pretty box. :)
Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips and Etoinette Princess Hair Brush. 

i loveeee the packaging. <3

Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips PBE001

the colour on my hand. :)

another one. :)

i simply love this lipstick especially the shade. the shade is somehow natural with a hint of colour. i actually been using this lipstick for couples of days just to try it out and i like it. :D

once applied, my lips feel softer and moist. it gives my lips those hydrating feeling. my lips actually looks healthier with this lipstick on. :D

the pigmentation is quite good. :)

would i repurchase this? - yes, i will. i love how the lipstick feels on my lips. :)

just for the record, i rarely purchase lipsticks or lipgloss, just because i prefer lipbalm over lipstick and lipgloss. lipstick, for me, always give me that unhealthy and unattractive lips, so yeah. honestly, i am suprised how this lipstick turned out on my lips, so.. THUMBS UP! :D

i also bought this nail polish from Etude House. BND 3.90

Baking Powder cleanser, for BND 2.90~

ohh, for you girls out there, if you are interested in trying Etude House products, you can always check Etude House Facebook Page as they always held Giveaways and Promotion Prices and stuff like that. :)

Click! Etude House Brunei Facebook Page

plus, Etude House always offer good stuff with affordable price.  ^^

p/s : i did not get paid to do this post or review. anything written in this post / review is from my honest opinion. ;)

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

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