Monday, 31 December 2012

last day of 2012~ 31st December 2012

hi everyone! :)

less than an hour to go until it is 2013! :)

today, nothing much happened. went to work and waited patiently. 4.30pm, sign out and went out with boyfriend for 2hours. we just went around Giant Rimba, bought sweetcorns, went to Jerudong Food Court and bought tongkeng as well as lava burger. hohooo. oh, we bought popsicles too.

around 7.30pm, we went home. after shower, i planned to rest for a while before helping out my dad barbequing the foods, but unfortunately, i slept until.. 10.40p.m. to be honest, i don't even bother to wake up -.- i think i am that tired.

everything is great. :) i eat delicious foods and spent quality time with beloved family. tehehee.

how do you spend the last day of 2012? :)

ending the post with a photo of me and boyfriend.

p/s : too lazy place to use lightroom to do the watermarking.. :p plus, i am using the other laptop that do not have lightroom.. so.. i did the watermarking by Paint. :p lol.

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Day~~~

hi again everyone~~~


today is the day!

what is happening today?

nothing much, actually..

just that..

MPP Appreciation Night will be held tonight at Asma Hotel~

and The Recyclers are going to do 3 performances~

wish us luck okay?

i hope that everything will go smoothly tonight~

hwaiting! :D

and of course, i hope we had fun and enjoy the event~

ohh ohhh, and i can't wait to spend quality time with the girlfriends; Ammal, Ella, Lize, Ina and Nisnis~ hohooo. so excited!

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

Fish and Co~

hii everyone~~~

last Thursday, 27th December, after practiced for MPP Appreciation Night, me and Zzul and his family went to Fish and Co for dinner. there is only one branch of Fish and Co in Brunei which is located at Citis Square, ground floor. I am very excited as it was my first time there! hahaaa. :p

free advertising. :p

New York Fish and Chips. NYUMMY! BND 12.90

close-up. nyummy nyummy nyummy!

Zzul love's

last photo from the dinner.

the foods, especially the one that i ordered was so nyummy! the fish fillet was so soft that it can actually melt in your mouth. :p the fries are nyummy. tehehee.

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤



i planned to post this yesterday night, but i fell asleep. hahaaa. and i am too lazy to do any changes, so here you go.

so so so. i am super annoyed tonight. bear with me, thank you. :)

as usual, The Recyclers (the name for our dance group for Appreciation Night) had practice today, 3pm onwards at ITB. things were going quite well, although we were annoyed with one of the member. Around 4.30pm, we were informed that our rehearsal that was supposed to take place at ITB was shifted to Asma Hotel. of course, we were still okay with it eventho we were actually suprised with the sudden change. before going to Asma, we had our early dinner at Core. the Chicken Shawarma was so good!

6.45pm, we arrived at Asma Hotel and we practiced while waiting for the committee to arrive. The rehearsal was supposed to start after Maghrib prayer, so we assume that the rehearsal will begin latest by 7. unfortunately, that was not the case. Only a few committee arrived by 8pm. they said the other committe are on their way. sigh. so we keep on waiting. Yui and Sai then went to nearest store and bought ice-cream for us. wheee~ so happy! but still, the rehearsal have not started bythe time we finished our ice-creams. we then decided that if by 9pm, there is still no rehearsal or whatsoever, we shall go home. around 8.45pm, the chairperson came and said that he was sorry for holding us too long. we ignored him. Finally, by 9.15p.m, the rehearsal started. when it was our turn to rehearse the performance, they stopped the song after 20seconds or so? they said, not need to fully do the performance. like.. what the hell? you guys actually said that after Maghrib prayer you guys will be there and you guys wanted to do the rehearsal by following the actual event sequence in which the Appreciation Night should start by 7pm. we waited for 2 hours and 15 mins and you guys did not even want a full performance to be rehearsed. you guys were actually wasting our time, do you know that? we waited for 2hours plus for nothing. NOTHING. so frustrating!

some of us even have to go to work tomorrow and wake up early in the morning. you guys are holding us for too long for nothing at all. if you guys only wanted for a test run, then you guys can actually do it without us. why bother to ask us to be there if you guys don't even want a full performance to be rehearsed? some of you acts like it is nothing big, but for us, or at least for me, it is something big. you guys are so ignorance. at least, try to be as early as you can, you guys are the committee. if you want to do a full rehearsal, then do a FULL REHEARSAL, NOT A TEST RUN. we were exhausted and we need our rest. we were hoping that the rehearsal will start on time so we can go home earlier, but no. you guys rather came 2hours late so we can wait for you guys.

sorry if there are any mistakes in this post. so exhausted already. goodnight.

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

Thursday, 27 December 2012

laggy laggy~~~

hi everyone!

so... i am currently at office, but nothing to do at all. so i blog~ i checked my Plurk, but.. it is so quiet.. haa. maybe everyone is just enjoying their vacation~ i think since i am a newbie, so there is no work for me. plus.. it is the end of year. hahahaaa. bytheway, this computer is so laggy~ like~ laggy~~~ hahahaaa. i don't think the antivirus is updated. ever since i'm using this computer, i tried my best to update the antivirus, scan the hard disk, empty the recycle bin and etc etc etc. ohh, i think they don't even switch off the computer. lol. even the Mozilla Firefox often crashed and i don't even know why. sighh. -.-"

i think they need a new computer~ or at least fix this computer..

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

MPP SMSO 2008/2009 Reunion~

hi again~

i planned to post this after we had our reunion, but i am too tired. The day after that, i am working and rambling about whatever stuffs that crossed my mind, and yesterday, Christmas day, i was relazing at home, watching random movies and anime. hohoo.

Our MPP SMSO 2008/2009 Reunion was held at Pantai Penanjong on the 23rd December 2012. the original planned venue was at Pantai Seri Kenangan, but the hut were fully occupied, so we moved to Pantai Penanjong. I personally loved the fact that the reunion was held at Pantai Penanjong, since there it was less crowded (but in the afternoon, somehow, more and more people came. :p) and the place are beautiful. ;)

we then take turn barbequing the marinated chicken wings, lambs and sausages. hohooo. we were so hungry that.. as you can see below.. there is no photos of the food because we simply forgot to take pictures of the food. sigh. hahahaa. we also exchanged stories and there were no awkwardness whatsoever eventho we had not meet each other for more than a year. i'm so happy! tehehee!

all those cars belong to us. should had car pooled.
the ladies. absence : Nyna, Elme, Immah, Hanee, Nabilah, Liza, Zulfa
same pose for me. :p

the gents. Absence ; Nuh, Duke. Awie, Shah Ali, Aaron, Joji, Daus
group photo~

and below are some random photos from the reunion~
this is Ali Qadhry signature burger - "Yambing (the simplified words for Chicken and Lamb) Burger"

we went home around 5plus because it was raining and windy. how i wish everyone can come.. :(

Thank you so much for the great time everyone and the super delicious food~ the memories shall be cherished. ;)

p/s : phot credits goes to Zee, Izzah,  Sui Fang, Neela, Jibah, Amir and Ali Qadhry. :D

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

Monday, 24 December 2012


hi again everyone!

another post for today before i went to sleep.  i am super sleepy but i must post this up as i am very annoyed.

after work today, i went to ITB because we need to practice Bubibu for MPP Appreciation Night which will be held on the 29th December 2012. The rehearsal will be held this Wednesday, at ITB, and the full final rehearsal will be held on Friday, 28th Dec. however, since Lize dear first started the practice session, only a few actually committed to come and practice, meanwhile the others.. somehow just come and go as they wish. which is annoying. but it is okay, because lately, almost everyone try her/his best to come except for someone.

i mean... if you really have difficulties to come for practice and you only come few times in a month of practice, please, pleaseee do not join in the first place. yeahhh, we actually know you can catch up the dance steps, we know you can do it, we know you are good at dancing and etc etc, but still.. it is somehow different from practicing on your own compared to practicing with the others. today, you prefer to go outing with your cousins rather than practicing with us. you know what, you can go with your cousins tomorrow or during the off days, which we do not have any practice. we need the teamwork spirit, okay? oh, you also said that you actually do not know one of the position. plus, this is not a solo performance, thank you very much.

honestly, i am not a good dancer, but i try to be better, at the very least. at least, respect the others. they spent a lot of time just to perfect the moves and positions. you also want to practice during public holiday, which is tomorrow, on Christmas day. it is the only chance where everyone can rest after practicing for four days a week. you do not need the rest tho, as you... rarely come to the practises anyway.

seriously. how can you not be annoyed when that someone have a millions of reason for the absence; never really practiced with everyone to perfect the position and synchronization. to top it off, rehearsal will be held the day after tomorrow as well as on Friday and the event is less than a week away. everybody else are practising so hard, do you know that?

how sweet is that?

anyway. i hope that the performances will go well.. this is so frustrating. everyone is frustrated and disappointed.. keep the faith everyone! we can do this! hwaiting!

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

21st December 2012~

hi again~~~ posting frenzy todayyy~

as i mentioned in one of the post before~ 21st December, i went for a date with my boyfriend before he fly off to Kota Kinabalu~~~

we had our late lunch + hi-tea at McD and as usual, the queues were long. i ordered McChicken with no Mayonnaise cos i hate Mayonnaise and my boyfriend ordered Fillet-o-Fish.. when the foods arrived.. my McChicken became... Spicy McDeluxe with freakin Mayonnaise in it! the receipts that was attached on the box says ; " Spicy McDeluxe with no lettuce" i am so frustrated but i let it go and eat the Spicy McDeluxe (but i tried my best to remove the mayonnaise with a spoon. lol) after complaining again and again and again to my boyfriend. Zzul love wanted to change the burger, but i said it is okay.. he wanted to buy me a new burger but again. i declined his offer.

we went to Missha after that and i bought Missha SIGNATURE Technical-up Mascara (Multi Essence) and few masks. i spent BND50. sigh. such a big spender. i also bought a few bags of Oat Krunch with Strawberry and Blueberry just because.. i love it! so nyummy. :D

it was a lovely date~ nothing much but still lovely~ for me anyway~ 

i must be so in love with my boyfriend. hahahaaa. :p

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

the late post; Late Monthsary Date~

hiii hiii! another post~~~

a super late post. -.-" aigoo. 

i was back in Brunei on the 6th December.. and the next day, 7th December 2012, me and Zzul love decided to dine at Kimchi, Korean Restaurant in Kiulap for our late monthsary date. it was a lovely dinner, nothing special really, just chatting, having a good time and enjoying delicious foods.
the side dishes! nyummy! :D

the wrapper for.. Chicken Teriyaki.

Chicken Teriyaki

and we also ordered Dolsot Bibimbap, Gimbap and Spicy Rice Cake~ i misplaced the photos, hence.. no photos. all the foods are super nyummy~~~

it was a lovely dinner~~~ ;)

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

Saturday and Saturday.. has gone..

hi!last update was 21st December, and i shall update whatever happened during my absence. :p

this is a late post for the outing with my boyfriend, brother and besties~ :D

last Saturday, 15th December 2012, i went out with my boyfriend; Zzul love, my brother; Ebon and my bestfriends; Lize dear and Asdy. we went to Seria for a change of environment. hahahaaa. so.. we went to Excapade Seria for our lunch.. BND50+ flew away that day~ lol. but it was okay as it was fun and we spent quality friendship time together. tehehee. After lunch, we decided to check out the new Supa Save in Seria. the new Supa Save was awesome~ similar to Giant Rimba building.and oh oh oh, there will be The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf opening there soon! hohooo. Around 3pm, we went to Plaza Sutera Biru Complex and watch Life of Pi. awesome movie. ;)

Lize and me.
Lize dear and me again. another take. tehehee. 
Beef Maki

Salmon Maki *i think*

Mini California Maki

Tori Katsu Curry Rice

Chocolate Shake for my brother

Fire Salmon Cheese
Mini California Maki Special

Kani Maki

Asdy and Zzul love

another take. Asdy and Zzul love, posing with the menu. :p
taken at KFC, after we watched the movie. Zzul love, my brother Ebon and Asdy

A  blurry photo of me. so excited. -.-
Asdy and Zzul love. they are the new high score holder of Arcade Basketball at Uni Arcade Seria. :p

ending the post with a photo of Zzul love and me. tehehee. :p

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤