Sunday, 21 April 2013

Miri Miri~

hi hi hi!

delayed post.

last last last Sunday, i went to Miri with boyfiee family. we take off around 7.30am and reached Bandar Miri around 10plus. hohooo. and we are back to Brunei by 8pm.

and.. here are what i bought for.. RM 490.

hello! this is me. :p wearing slippers. :p

went to Famous Amos. :D

bought this nyummy Nougat. 100g for RM8 / 9.00

also bought my favorite cookies! the black cookie. :p

RM 3.90

RM 2.90. to store all the office receipts 

for filing purposes. RM10.90, as you can see above.

went to Lovely Lace at Parkson and..

i bought this fragrance! 

the scent is so lovely and the teddy is so kawaii!

from Sasa. RM11 for 5 masks
the 5 masks below are picked randomly. hahahaa. :p

mask no 1

mask no 2

mask  no 3

mask no 4

mask no 5

as you can see, the original price is.. RM4.90 each.
oh yea, since it is the last day of sale when we went to Miri, and since there is promotion..

i ended up buying two box of masks. :p

ONLY RM 30 something for 2 box of masks!


Original price; RM33.90 per box of masks.

i also went to Super Saver at Miri and ended buying random stuffs. ;p

blings blings! for decorating.

another set of blings blings!

bought this brush for RM1.99.  

RM6.99 for this brush. as you can see above. :)

many colours in one pen! hohohoo. RM2  or RM3 something.

oh yea. another set of blings~

flats! only RM26.90. ;) bought this at Permy Mall

from Sasa. 

as you can see above, the price. :)

bought this blush because it gives me healthy glow. Nurul used this blush and i loveee the colour!

bought this Neutral colour palette for RM23.90. :)
p/s : i really love stuffs from IN2IT okay. good quality, lovely colours, affordable price. LOVES!

from SoxWorld @ Parkson

bought three set of black socks.

RM6.90 each~
RM 16 something from Watson. :) i love the scent of this bodywash~

cotton pad from Guardian. RM4 something.

from Guardian. for my car. i also love the scent of this. :p

RM 44.90. Hada Labo Makeup remover! good stuff! ;) from Watson, bytheway.

RM17.90 at Guardian

another Lipbalm for me. RM7 something. i am not sure. :/

bought these mags for my mother, brother and myself. ^^

random stuffs below. ;p

RM6.90 each. wait, is it RM6.90 or RM10? hahahaa. 

for my dad~ RM35.90

i LOVE to buy packets of tissue + antibacterial tissue. :p i bought the cotton bud because.. the packaging is quite cute. :p

free bag from Sasa~ :D :D :D

i hope you enjoy reading this post. tehehee. :)

i would love to go to Miri again and spend some more money.


i think i better control myself from spending too much moneyyy. :p

thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

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