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Kota Kinabalu Vacation and Shopping Frenzy~

hi again everyone!

beware. this will be a long post and some of you might feel bored. but if you are still reading after this warning, thank you! :D there are a few other post in the "older post", so, please check it out if you want to. :) and again, thank you so much! :D

today, i shall share about my 5days and 4night vacation at Kota Kinabalu. hohohooo. went on the 2nd, and i am back in Brunei on 6th December. :) i went to KK with my boyfriend and his family and we stay at The Klagan Hotel during the vacation. i will give the hotel 4 and a half star. :p hohooo. here are some of the photo that my boyfriend snap during our check-in;

Zzul sister and my room. (yes, messy room by two of us. :p)

ohh, free wifi and newspaper for guests every morning

our rooms are connected! hohooo. and The Klagan Hotel also prepare Tikar Sembahyang and Kiblat direction for the muslims. :)

Our first day, we went to the Centrepoint, One Borneo on the second day where i met Shaf and we took photo at one of the store, Wisma Merdeka and Suria Sabah on the following day, meanwhile, on the fourth day, we went to Centrepoint again and to the market on the last day. here are some photos of the stuff that i bought in KK and some random photos. hohooo.

RM 22.41 at Watsons, Centrepoint Sabah.

RM16.90 at Soxworld, Centrepoint Sabah.. you can find variety of socks there. i bought this for Lize unnie

Doraemon keychain at one of the gift / toy stores at Centrepoint Sabah. RM9.90. Blue for Zzul love, red for me.

RM1 for both at one of the shop, Centrepoint Sabah..

RM 22.41 at Watsons, Centrepoint Sabah..

RM 4.48 at Watsons, Centrepoint Sabah.. i bought this.. because my eyes are itchy that time. lol.

RM 16.40 at Watsons, Centrepoint Sabah.. buy the 2nd one for half price. so yes, i bought another one.

RM12.90 at Watsons, Centrepoint Sabah.

RM29.90 for this cute flats. bought this at Svezsqi, Centrepoint Sabah.

 RM29.90 at D&M, Centrepoint Sabah

Huge Christmas Tree! taken at Centrepoint Sabah.

Green Tea Cheesecak at Secret Recipe! DELICIOUS. but i may be biased as i LOVE Green Tea! i think it was RM9 something. :p i forgot.

RM19.00 for this ring. bought it at Black Queen, One Borneo. in this photo, it really looks.. boring? but honestly, it is actually a very pretty ring.

this Brooch for my shawl or hijab just for RM7.00, Black Queen, One Borneo. i love it because it is so colourful!

Earrings, RM7.00 each. bought this for Mummy cos she loves earring!

RM10.00 at Black Queen, One Borneo. also for my beloved mum.

Etude House Eye Primer. RM29.90 at Etude House, One Borneo

make-up palette from IN2T, RM 25.90 or something around that price. from Sasa, One Borneo. this is a souvenir for Ammal baby.

1 for RM6, 2 for RM10. my boyfriend bought me this at One Borneo. loveee!

RM29.90 at Doss, One Borneo

Shawls. 2 for RM45 at one of the stall, One Borneo

vaininggg. :p we try the hats on, but we did not buy it. hahahaa.
the lighting at the store was so weirddd. taken at Brands Outlet, Suria Sabah.

Falsies. RM12.90, with 10% discount at TheFaceShop

RM6.90 each. for purchase above 50, buy 3 for only $12. hohooo.

the same goes with this.

RM26.90  with 10% discount at TheFaceShop

RM12.90 with 10% discount at TheFaceShop

free samples.

3 for RM12.00 only! :D :D :D TheFaceShop.

another free gift, for purchase above RM80
inside the box...
Fipper! super comfy! RM18.90, at Suria Sabah

a photo of me wearing fipper. hahahaa.

vaining at the Centrepoint, Sabah.

nyummy! cheesecake with blackforest coffee shake i think?

a photo of me!

my beloved boyfriend! teheheee. <3 :p

RM22.41 at Watsons, Centrepoint Sabah

RM19.90 only! hohooo. bought this at Watsons, Centrepoint.

super nyummy egg tart. love it! RM1.30, only at Dotts Egg Tart. ;)

a  happy tourist photo of me. :p

sunset set set! waterfront Sabah. i think. :p

make-up sponges. RM19.90 with 10% discount@ TheFaceShop

Retractable Lip brush. also RM19.90 with 10% discount at TheFaceShop

more nail polish for my mom! :D <3

Shimmery Black Eyeshadow. RM19.90 at TheFaceShop

bought this lovely sticky notes box for RM32.90 for Sir Meraj.

bag. RM5 at Daiso, Centrepoint Sabah

RM9.90 at Something Different, Centrepoint Sabah. Zzul love bought this for his car.

RM5.90 at Something Different, Centrepoint Sabah.bought this for Lize unnie. hehe.

Note clipper or something like that. also RM5.90 at Something Different, Centrepoint Sabah.

RM9.90 at Something Different, Centrepoint Sabah. love it! Chopper keychain!

RM29.90 at Centrepoint Sabah. i forgot the name of the store. :/
RM39.90 at Centrepoint, Sabah. and again, i forgot the name of the store. -.-

RM19.90 at Brands Outlet, One Borneo. i love the colour, so i bought this eventho it says 2012. :p

RM19.90 at Brands Outlet, One Borneo

i bought this belt only for RM9.90 at Brands Outlet. i don''t even know why i bought this belt as i rarely wear belt. -.-

i even purchase their (Brands Outlet) recycle bag for RM3.90. the recycle bag is in orange colour, but.. i like it so i decided to buy it. :)

this black blazer for RM74.90, at Tong's Dept Store, Wisma Merdeka

RM29.90 at Tong's Dept Store, Wisma Merdeka

i love this shirt. RM 35.90 at Kawae, Suria Sabah
this work pant, i bought 2 of it. RM69.90 for one, 2 for RM100. Brands Outlet, One Borneo.

some of the stuffs that i bought are not here, as i forgot to take picture of them and plus, i already give those stuffs to my family and friends. so yeah. i bought a Clutch for my mom, 2 polo shirt for my dad, a jacket for my brother and kain sarong for my grandma. ohh, i also bought Instax film for Ella baby and a ribbon clip for Nisnis. hohooo. and, i also bought some face tissue, wet tissue and anti-bacterial tissue for everyday use. hahaa.

the queue at Temburong. waiting for ferry to cross the river to Limbang. it take an hour plus and then, we are finally at Limbang!

 traveling by land was exhausting, but i had lots of fun. however, for my next vacation.. i hope i can travel by air as i never travel by aeroplane. should be fun eh? hehehee. with this, i conclude the post for my vacation and the shopping frenzy. hohohooo.

 thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

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