Tuesday, 17 September 2013


hello hello!

new post below~ :)

as usual.. it had been such a hectic weeks for me. too much works to do and too little time to finish all of it. but  Alhamdulillah, everything went quite smoothly last Thursday and last Sunday. :) i just wish that the producers are not that ignorant. and if only there are more helpful instead of being bossy. but well, whatever. just gotta be strong and try to ignore them all. muahahaa.

despite the busy weeks, we as in me, Lize eonnie and Asdy had a small surprise for Zzul boyfiee birthday, going out, update each other and of course, as always, we can never ever say no to karaoke. :p it is just fun to sing your heart out and the best thing is.. they will not ever complain even my voice is too or too out of tune or whatsoever. :p

ohh and i am sick. it is annoying because everytime when i am too exhausted, i will get sick. hopefully i will get better soon. hehehe. :D so now i am at home cos i have one day of sick leave. i feel crapppyyyyy. D:

my days in this month had been so bad and tough but i am grateful, always been grateful that there are always my family,  bestiees and my awesome colleague who always support me. loves! thank you, the awesome people of my life. :D

 thank you for reading. :) Merci Beaucoup!

Meimei ❤

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