Monday, 11 May 2015

tick and tock.

Assalamualaikum and hi!

it had been forever since i update this blog. :(


...i blame it all on my work as i am too busy and too exhausted from the endless task. oops, excuses and excuses.

well, some update. it is a busy busy weeks since i am so stressed out with all the wedding preparation and etc etc. hard to believe that soon ill be married! hahahah. wedding preparation is seriously no joke at all. been stressing so much until i feel quite unwell and crappy lately.

workplace wise, i am now transferred to a different unit or department, whatever it shall be called and i am still trying to adapt to the new environment. and hey, it is always busy busy here. boo.

i am missing the bestiees; hoping to hang out before the wedding if its possible.

too much to be done in such a short time. still, im thankful and grateful for all the kindness and help i received. hanya Allah dapat membalas jasa jasa baik kamu semua. ;)

thats it for today,


always keep the faith in Allah, because Allah know best.

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